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At Minerva Scientific we use state of the art gas chromatographic (GC) and liquid chromatographic (LC) based ‘reference’ techniques to offer a comprehensive mycotoxin testing service pertinent to the analysis of foods and feeding stuffs. The majority of our tests are fully ISO17025 (UKAS) accredited offering a broad ranging series of tests ideal for due-diligence based surveillance. Refer to our schedule of accreditation for specific details of accredited test/matrix combinations

Our UKAS flexible scope enables us to offer fully accredited test results for virtually any mycotoxin or natural toxin compound.  Please contact us for further information on our capabilities.

A number of more frequently requested analytes is provided below but this is by no means exhaustive.  Please contact us if your requirements are not listed, or you need further advice on mycotoxin testing of foods and feeds.

Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 & G2 (& Total Aflatoxin)
Aflatoxin M1 (milk & dairy products)
Cytochalasin E
Fusarin C
Fumonisins B1 & B2
Ochratoxin A

Trichothecene Mycotoxin Screen
    3-Acetyldeoxynivalenol (3AcDON)
    15-Acetyldeoxynivalenol (15AcDON)
    Deoxynivalenol (DON)
    Diacetoxyscirpenol (DAS)
    Fusarenone X (Fus X)
    HT2 Toxin (HT2)
    Nivalenol (NIV)
    Neosolaniol (NEO)
    T2 Triol (T23)
    T2 Toxin (T2)

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