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In order to facilitate easy shipment of samples of honey, honeycomb and royal jelly from countries outside the EU we have general import authorisation from the UK Department For Environment, Food And Rural Affairs (DEFRA). This General Import Authorisation Number IMP/GEN/2010/16 covers ‘honey intended for educational, research and diagnostic purposes' from all third countries and should facilitate the smooth passage of samples through Customs and Excise.

For further information on sample shipping and imports, including payment terms and conditions, please contact us

Sample and Packaging Information

We require a minimum of 100g of sample for analysis. If a number of tests are required per sample we recommend sending 50g of sample per test required to ensure enough sample is available to complete the analysis.

If possible avoid glass containers and ensure all containers are well sealed and adequately packaged. We cannot accept responsibility for any samples damaged in transit.

Please enclose the following items with the samples:

  1. A copy of the General Authorisation Document
  2. Commercial and Shipping documents (see point 2 of the General Authorisation requirements)
  3. Declaration letter (see point 3 of the General Authorisation requirements)

Specific instructions are detailed in points 1 to 16 of the General Authorisation Document. Please read it carefully and make sure to state Import Authorisation Number IMP/GEN/2010/16 on the exterior packaging and that samples are ‘For Research Purposes Only - Of No Commercial Value’.

We recommend that you contact your local shipping agent or courier for specific local requirements regarding the export of honey samples to the UK.

Samples should be shipped to the following address:

FAO Sample Reception
Minerva Scientific Ltd
Minerva House
Stoney Gate Road
Derby DE21 7RY
United Kingdom

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