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Other Pharmaceutical Services

At Minerva Scientific we possess the broad-ranging expertise, experience and instrumentation to be able to offer clients testing options covering the majority of todays ever increasing test requirements.

Using state of the art instrumentation we are able to offer a comprehensive, cost competitive, reliable testing service. Refer to our RESOURCES page for details of our available range of instrumentation.

Our modern laboratory facilities are fully MHRA approved for GMP operation - refer to our MHRA letter of authorisation for further information.

Furthermore, we are able to offer services beyond routine product release and pharmacopoeial testing. Examples of these additional services include:

  • Residual Solvent Testing - using headspace GC technology we are able to test for residual traces of all common solvents.

  • Pharmacopoeial Testing (BP, EP, USP) - we can offer a broad range of pharmacopoeia specified raw material tests

  • Method development and validation - our highly experienced scientists are able to work with clients to develop and validate ad-hoc methodologies for new materials and products, or novel delivery systems.

  • Stability Testing & Storage to ICH Guidelines - we can offer clients a complete range of fully controlled and validated storage environments for conducting storage trial and stability investigations.

  • Problem Solving and Investigative Analysis with our in-depth, wide-ranging experience of analytical chemistry and biochemistry we can offer clients an ad-hoc analytical based investigative service. For example, we can use our expertise to help resolve problems ranging from lab based methodology to product, process, or supply chain related issues.

Please contact us for further information on any of the above services.

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