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Food & Feed Analysis
  Antibiotics & Other Veterinary Residues
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Veterinary Product Analysis
Electronic Cigarette Testing
Veterinary Product Analysis

At Minerva Scientific we posses the experience, expertise and instrumentation to enable analysis of a wide range of veterinary products and formulations. Our focus on rapid delivery of high-quality results ensures clients meet critical deadlines.

Our modern laboratory facilities are fully MHRA GMP approved for the testing of animal products - refer to our MHRA letter of authorisation for further information.

The main areas in which we operate are:- Please contact us if you have specific requirements that are not covered below.

  • Livestock Treatments

  • Ornamental Fish Treatments

  • Petcare Products

Please contact us if you have specific requirements or need more information on these services. Refer to our statement on provision of services to customers for a general outline of our service level and customer responsibilities.

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