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Honey Adulteration

The adulteration of honey by addition of various tailored sugar syrups is another area potentially requiring checking, especially if the source of a honey is unknown. There are a variety of tests which may be applied here to test for the addition of a range of different sugar-based syrups and other potentially adulteration-related substances.

The most commonly requested test we offer is C13 isotopic analysis to check for the addition of C4 derived sugars (corn and cane syrups). Other tests can be offered if more detailed investigation is required – refer to the list below.

  • 13C Isotope analysis for C4 sugar addition (AOAC Approved/Validated) (EA-IRMS)
  • 13C Isotope analysis for C3 and C4 sugar addition (LC-IRMS)
  • ‘Foreign‘ oligosaccharides from starch based syrups (HRMS)
  • Detection of rice syrup marker substance (SM-R and TM-R)
  • Detection of beet sugar syrup marker (SM-B)
  • ‘Foreign‘ amylase
  • ‘Foreign‘ invertase
  • Heat resistant amylase
  • Determination of caramel colour
  • NMR Profiling

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